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Mark Hodder

Happiness and success through learning


Leadership & Management

These evidenced based books on leadership and management are the basis the material I teach on change with video clips and links to the relevant websites if you don't have time to read them all.


Great by Choice

Jim Collins & Morten T. Hansen


Another superbly researched and evidence based book on leadership.  Based on three key ideas:

- Fanatical Discipline

- Empirical Creativity

& Productive Paranoia


The one question that stuck with me is 'Who is your best luck?'



by Tim Harford


Why success always starts with failure and how we can use that failure to learn and grow.  The most practical book for understanding adaptive leadership.  Evolve and test ideas, adapt what works and make failure small scale and survivable.



The Future of Management

by Gary Hamel


The book that changes the whole concept of management from one of today's most influential business thinkers.  This book is a glimpse into what management will look like in the future full of detailed examples of how this new paradigm will work.  Command and control is finished we need to unleash the workforce.


Upside Down Management

by John Timpson


Here we have the real UK example of all the theory of adaptive and distributed leadership with trust in the workforce.  Timpson is a remarkable man too having also found time to short term foster care over 90 children while building a profitable business.  Proof you can be both nice & successful.


by Emmanuel Gobillot


How do we help people unleash their discretionary effort and make their contribution?  This book is full of practical ideas on adopting the Leadership 2.0 mindset. Through self-awareness we can be natural and authentic leaders.

Leading Change

by John P. Kotter


Kotter's 8 steps for leading organisational change provide a proven and lasting framework for change.  There is a way to manage change that works by following the 8 step process.  The short book 'Our Iceberg is Melting' is an excellent metaphor to help people understand these concepts.

Good to Great

by Jim Collins


What does it take to become a Level 5 leader?  Certainly not charisma or personality.  A book full of evidence that proves what really matters in leadership - ambition for the cause, the organisation and the work not for themselves.  The story of Darwin E. Smith is one of the best to illustrate all of Kotter's steps in action.

What Matters Now

by Gary Hamel


How do we release the passion, creativity and initiative of the workforce?  Through a very different model of management based on Values, Innovation, Adaptability, Passion and Ideology.  With examples including WL Gore, Whole Foods & Morning Star a must read for any manager.

Your Brain at Work

by David Rock


This book brings the latest neuroscience research into leadership.  Understanding what happens inside our brain, and the brains of those we work with can help us increase our performance at work, make us more understanding of ourselves and others and create a more human work environment.

Leadership Therapy

by Anna Rowley


A look at how psychotherapy is used at Microsoft to help teams overcome relationship problems and deliver under pressure.  The key concept here is 'radiators and drains' helping leaders exude belief and confidence to inspire others through self-awareness.

Great by Choice
Kotter leading change
What matters now
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