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Mark Hodder

Happiness and success through learning


You can be be happy, anxiety free and lead the life you want

Applied Positivity Coaching


Using the proven techniques of positive psychology I can guide you toward the life you want.  Applied positivity coaching helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and help you find a greater sense of purpose and meaning in life.  More positive emotions and improved relationships are other benefits you can expect.  


The coaching methods I use have been tested and proven to work by leading psychologists so you can be assured the techniques can produce the results you are looking for.  

What You Can
59 seconds
Get out of your mind



Learning the practice of mindfulness will give you the resources to cope with every day.  If you want to be more resilient, able to cope with the ups and downs of life mindfulness can provide both the strength and peace of mind to do so.


Mindfulness is often associated with the quiet reflective practice of meditation and that can be one way to learn and benefit from the techniques.  I can show you ways to bring these techniques in to your everyday life so that whatever situation you face you can do so with a calm and clear mind.

Evidence based practice - how you can know this coaching works


You might be surprised to find a book like Thrive: The Power of Evidence Based Psychological Therapies written by a Richard Layard a leading economist on this page.  Yet what this book lists is all the therapies and ideas that actually work and can result in real change.  There are many coaching systems that claim to be able to help you but few have been tested and fewer still list what they will and won't work for.  


The methods such as those shown on this page are the basis of my coaching work.  I will help you find the right technique for whatever you wish to achieve or overcome and give you the skills to help yourself now and in the future.  

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