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Mark Hodder

Happiness and success through learning


10 Great Books

Looking for even more on happiness and success at work and home?  Here are 10 more great books:


To Sell is Human

by Daniel Pink


'We are all in sales now' is the paradigm shift this book explains.  Most of us are selling ideas and concepts and that means we need to understand the new ABC of sales:






Happy Money

Elizabeth Dunn & Michael Norton


Can the way we spend money make us happier? It seems there are 5 steps to happier spending:


1.  Buy Experiences

2.  Make it a Treat

3.  Buy Time

4.  Pay Now, Consume Later

5.  Invest in Others


by Chip & Dan Heath


Another incredible book from Chip & Dan, this time on decision making.  They identify the 4 villains of decision making and what we can do to help ourselves become more decisive.





The Willpower Instinct

by Kelly McGonical


The how to guide to building more willpower and achieving more of what you want in life.  All based on sound research with practical exercises proven to increase our sticking power and seeing things through.

Give and Take

by Adam Grant


Do takers, matchers or givers get the most from life?  Give and take looks at the surprising evidence that those who give more also get more from life.  The book also provides strategies to avoid over giving or 'the doormat effect' and being deceived by takers.

You are Not So Smart

by David McRaney


A book that really will challenges how you think.  The short chapters in this book bring the ideas of heuristics and biases to life in an engaging format.  You will be much more aware of just how limited our mind is at making the rational choice.

This Will Make You Smarter

Edited by John Brockman


By asking one question "What scientific concept would improve everybody's cognitive toolkit?" this book brings together many of today's greatest scientific thinkers from physics to psychology.  These concepts are the very edge of what we know at this time.  Fascinating reading.


by Jonah Berger


What makes ideas Contagious?

STEPPS - why things catch on:


1.  Social Currency

2.  Triggers

3.  Emotion

4.  Public - engage in the behaviour

5.  Practical Value

6.  Stories


by Francesca Gino


If you want to improve your ability to stay on task and complete what you started this book is full of strategies to do just that.  Building on the work of Dan Ariely, Francesca offers new ideas on how can avoid distracting and derailing ourselves.

The Inside Out Revolution

by Michael Neill


Based on the original ideas of Sydney Banks and the 3 Principles:


- Mind

- Consciousness

- Thought


Our thoughts think themselves and we can make a choice to recognise that and act appropriately.

To sell is human
Happy Money
The Willpower Instinct
this will make  yousmarter
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