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Mark Hodder

Happiness and success through learning


Positivity, Happiness and Learning


Key people and ideas in creating a life of meaning, purpose and learning  The top 10 books I've read on happiness and wellbeing, with video clips and links to the relevant websites if you don't have time for the books.


The Happiness Advantage

by Shawn Achor


A practical, evidence based and entertaining guide to becoming happier.  Full of useful ideas like the I Journal App for capturing daily gratitude.


Best as an audio book, read by the author.



by Carol Dweck


This book will change the way you set goals and give encouragement and feedback to others for the better.  How to adopt a growth mindset, set learning goals and praise effort for impact.


Best as an audio book.

Happiness Hypothesis

The Happiness Hypothesis

by Jonathan Haidt


A magical book about happiness, full of engaging stories.  Uses the metaphor of the rider (the mind) and the elephant (the emotions) to describe and understand our behaviour.  The idea we are part chimp & part bee has stuck with me.


Best as an audio book.



by Martin Seligman


Brings all the happiness research right up to date, builds on his previous works.  


How to build Positivity, Engagement, positive Relationships, Meaning and Achievement (PERMA) the Flourish formula.


Counter Clockwise

by Ellen Langer


A book that redefines the concept of aging, the ability of our mind and wellness through what is possible.  


The real life studies in this book will keep you hooked.  If you care for aging relatives this is a must read.

Being Happy

Being Happy

by Tal Ben-Shahar


If you are a perfectionist or have perfectionist tendencies this book is for you.  Tal was and gives advice on how you overcome those thoughts and live a happier life.


The 5% rule, 5% more open, aware and authentic influenced me.



by Barbara Fredrickson


How to improve the all-important 3:1 Positive to Negative expression ratio in your life.


By changing the way you speak and express yourself you can improve your success in work, relationships with colleagues and make your home life a joy.



by Mihaly Csikszentmihayli


The original text on optimal experience.  By matching your level of skill to the challenge of any task you can begin to achieve flow in your daily activities.


To do some experience sampling of your own use this App:

What You Can

Learned Optimism

by Martin Seligman


Would you let anyone speak to you the way your internal voice sometimes does? Learn the proven techniques to dispute your thoughts and become more optimistic in life.


Free online tests for optimism are available at:

What You Can Change and What You Can't

by Martin Seligman


The research in this book makes a great starting point for anyone on the self-improvement journey.  An essential read for anyone involved in helping others from coaching to therapy.  What works and what does not in the main domains of change is all explored and explained.

Martin Seligman
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