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Mark Hodder

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Coaching and Change

If you've decided you want change or you are in a role helping others to change here are the books and ideas on personal change and coaching that are proven to work.  The ideas here include business and personal change.


Immunity to Change

Robert Keegan & Lisa Laskow Lahey


The most effective business based personal change model I have encountered.  We often create our own internal barriers to change with competing commitments and big assumptions we hold about the world.  Immunity to Change helps us overcome these self-imposed limits.


What Got You Here Won't Get You There

by Marshall Goldsmith


All the skills and knowledge you've gained have got you this far but often they won't take you to the next level.  This book challenges us to let go of long held beliefs to let new behaviours form.  It's all about how successful people can become even more successful with just a small change in mindset.



Rip it Up

by Richard Wiseman


If you want the evidence based and easy to apply change strategies that work this book is for you.  This book builds on the earlier 59 Seconds and

uses the As If frame, act as if you are the kind of person you want to become and so it shall be.


Loving What Is

by Byron Katie


The Work by Byron Katie is 4 questions that help you realise your thoughts are not you, they are just thoughts.  By expressing our judgements about others we come to understand the thoughts that are keeping us stuck in our own minds.  A more personal and therapeutic process than Immunity to Change.

The Shadow Effect

Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson


A process to uncover the shadow side, what we do not yet know about ourselves.  By uncovering the shadow we can find our greatest strengths.  The DVD version is best as the authors guide you through the shadow process.  Remarkably powerful.

The Sedona Method

by Hale Dwoskin


Learn to accept, welcome and release emotions and be freed from their effect on you.  Another way to practice mindfulness and learn to live in the moment and make the right choices for your life.

From Coach to Awakener

by Robert Dilts


A classic coaching book that takes coaches and clients on the journey from overcoming problems to finding a sense of purpose and peace in life.  Many of the ideas in this book have since been proven by the latest advances in neuroscience.  If you want to take your coaching to the next level this is a place to start.

Make Your Brain Work

by Amy Brann


Neuroscience can now tell us what happens inside the brain during coaching.  This book uses coaching examples to illustrate how the client's brain is reacting to the situations they face and the impact the coaching intervention has on their neurology.  Gives coaches a much deeper understanding of how change works in the brain.

Your Brain at Work

by David Rock


This book brings the latest neuroscience research into leadership.  Understanding what happens inside our brain, and the brains of those we work with can help us increase our performance at work, make us more understanding of ourselves and others and create a more human work environment.

Get Out of Your Mind and into Your Life

Spencer Smith & Steven Hayes


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy bridges the gap between coaching and mindfulness.  Powerful techniques that help you become aware of thinking patterns, accept them and make conscious choices.

Immunity to Change
rip it up
make your brain work
Get out of your mind
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