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Mark Hodder

Happiness and success through learning


Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

by Daniel H. Pink


Engagement scores are declining worldwide.  Why? Organisations are using management techniques that are out of date and disproven.  This workshop is all about what science knows but organisations typically don't do.  The true path to engagement in the workplace is greater Autonomy, working toward Mastery and a clear sense of Purpose.

Social Networks

Social Network Influence


Do we really have freewill?  How much of our behaviour is a product of our environment and the people around us? The answers may well surprise you. In this workshop we explore just how much influence our social network has in over our health, relationships, the lives we lead and even what we eat.  Then using tested ideas we look at how we can begin to influence and shape the network for the good of all.

Adaptive Leadership - thriving in times of uncertainty and chaos.  


How do some people see the need for change before others?  Why do some organisations fail to adapt and cope with change?  How can we equip more people with the ability to challenge current thinking and look for alternatives?  This session explores how learning from failure and a willingness to change can be the source of even greater success.  The six steps in adaptive change are explored in detail with interactive exercises throughout.

Adaptive Leadership Overview
Mastery Main

Mastery - the science of achievement & excellence  


What separates those who achieve true excellence in their field from others?  The science behind Mastery has been studied across many fields including sports, the arts and the workplace.  The lessons from these masters we can apply in our own lives are covered in this workshop.


Looking for something different?  Other events have included:


Increasing Autonomy, Willpower, Persuasion, Motivation & Engagement, GRIT & Resilience, Flow, Character Strengths, Managing Change, Emotional Intelligence, Thinking Errors, Cognitive Bias, Why good people do bad things, how to make positive progress in difficult times.

Available Workshops

Innovative, Interactive, Applied











Emotional Intelligence



GRIT & Resilience


Applied Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness 


Many of us are looking for happiness in the wrong places.  This workshop shows how increasing happiness by using a few easy to use, proven techniques can benefit everyone at both work and home.  In essence how we can all become a little happier and more successful. A fully interactive workshop and most techniques will take little more than a few moments of your time each day. Fully updated for 2018.

Mindfulness - how to use mindfulness everyday


Mindfulness is most powerful when we bring the practice to our everyday work and lives.  Maintaining the calmness and balance brought about through mindful practice can increase resilience, our ability to make better decisions and transform relationships.

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