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Hello and welcome I'm Mark Hodder, a positive psychology specialist, professional speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach.  All of my workshops are built on captivating ideas that inspire, engage and motivate.  Through speaking, interactive workshops and events my purpose is to create more happiness and success through learning for as many people as possible.


If you have seen me presenting at conferences and events you will find additional information and links to help you take your learning further.


New Compassionate Leadership Workshops specially designed to help leaders create greater connection and resilience in these difficult times. 

With a new web provider a new and updated website will be available soon.  For now the updated 2021/22 workshops are available here.

Mark Hodder

Happiness and success through learning


Applied Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness 


My most popular workshop.  Proven techniques that anyone can use to become happier and more successful.  Applicable to work for increasing engagement and productivity and home for making more of life.

Social Networks

Social Network Influence


The social network we live in has a far greater impact on us that we might realise.  This workshop explores the impact of your social network on you and how much influence you might have.

Adaptive Leadership - thriving in times of uncertainty and chaos.  


Why do some leaders and organisations seem to thrive during times of change?  Learning from both failure and success we see how we can all learn to adapt.

Adaptive Leadership Overview
Mastery Main

Mastery - the science of achievement & excellence  


What separates those who achieve true excellence in their field from others?  The science behind Mastery has been studied across many fields including sports, the arts and the workplace.  The lessons from these masters we can apply in our own lives are covered in this workshop.


Mindfulness - how to use mindfulness everyday


Mindfulness is most powerful when we bring the practice to our everyday work and lives.  Maintaining the calmness and balance brought about through mindful practice can increase resilience, our ability to make better decisions and transform relationships.

Looking for something different?  Other workshops include:


Increasing Autonomy, Willpower, Persuasion, Motivation & Engagement, GRIT & Resilience, Flow, Character Strengths, Managing Change, Emotional Intelligence, Thinking Errors, Cognitive Bias, Why good people do bad things, how to make positive progress in difficult times.

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Interactive Workshops

Keynote Speaker

Leadership Development

Team Building

Trainer Training

Leadership Simulations

Event Facilitation

Applied Positivity Coaching

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

by Daniel H. Pink


Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose are the real sources of motivation.  Learn more about them in this internationally acclaimed workshop.

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